Monday, February 16, 2015

Hasbro Has Released Official Images of Their Marvel Legends AGE OF ULTRON & ANT-MAN Toys!

Hasbro has unveiled OFFICIAL looks at their upcoming toys for both AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON and ANT-MAN, and I can already hear my wallet crying out.

This Ultron figure is incredibly detailed considering it is a Hasbro release (look at the Thor figure below for comparison).
This Ant-Man figure (1st of 2 photos, the second one is towards the end of the post) is probably my favorite of the batch, just because of how the ant came out.
While I'm not a fan of this Thor figure, I am a fan of the Black Widow figure and will definitely be adding it to my collection.
Again, I'm really liking the Ant-Man figures. I'm not the biggest Ant-Man fan, but I'm still excited for the movie, and I can't wait until we finally near the release date.
 This is just cool. There's really nothing else needed to be said.
I'm so happy that Captain America is getting another costume update for AGE OF ULTRON. This costume is my favorite of his (so far), and they've actually managed to do a good job showcasing it with this figure.

You can view a few more photos of the rest of the official photos for the Marvel Legends that were shown during the toy fair by heading over here. Wasp & Hellcat are included in the upcoming figures. ;)

Source: Comic Book Movie.

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