Sunday, February 1, 2015

Charlie Cox and Deborah Ann Woll Talk DAREDEVIL!

While we're still unsure as to when we're getting a trailer for DAREDEVIL, we are starting to get more information regarding the series from various interviews. While on the Scratch the Surface postcast with EJ Scott, both Charlie Cox and Deborah Ann Woll talked a bit about the upcoming series.

One of the things Charlie talked about was the DAREDEVIL movie that stared Ben Affleck. It is a movie that many, many fans loathe, and one that constantly gets brought up when discussing the upcoming series. Here's what he had to say regarding that film:
I actually didn’t dislike Ben Affleck in it, I felt like tonally the movie was confused and I didn’t feel like Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell were in the same movie. Ironically, I thought that Colin Farrell was closer to what the director was going for. Sometimes he would have en emotional response or a facial expression in a scene that was very representative of a comic panel.
I thought it was fun at times, I just don think to make that movie in that tone suits daredevil, it doesn’t really work for that character and that world.
If you listen to the podcast, you'll hear about how Cox went about preparing for the role (he lists what titles he read to prepare) and how they'll handle his powers on the show; you'll also hear Woll discuss filming the show.

Don't forget that DAREDEVIL will premiere on Netflix on April 10th, 2015.

Source: MCU Exchange via Scratch the Surface.
Photo Source: EJ Scott.

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