Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Bridget Regan Interview for AGENT CARTER.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Bridget Regan sits down to talk AGENT CARTER, her character, the audition process, and more. (It's worth noting that I'm posting this after the episode aired on the East Coast, so some of her teases were for the episode that already aired.)

Here are a few of the most interesting answers from Regan:

CBR News: Casting for superhero projects tends to be secretive, often involving fake character names or scenes. What was the audition process like for you?
Bridget Regan: The audition process was really great. One f the writers on "Agent Carter," Jose Molina, wrote two audition scenes for me. There was some talk about her childhood in the sides, so I had a feeling about who she might be. It wasn't confirmed for me in the room that she was a Black Widow until I was sitting with [Marvel Studios President] Kevin Feige going, "Oh my gosh. I can't believe this is happening." The sides were really great scenes. To be honest, I was disappointed they weren't in the show because they were so good.
Were you initially drawn to the character, or the chance to be involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe the bigger draw?
I was absolutely drawn to both. I was drawn to everything about it. I was already a fan of Captain America and all things Marvel, but also, there was the time period and the style of the show and the themes. I liked everything about it, especially the nature of the women in this time period. Then to play a character that is answering a lot of questions about the origins of Black Widows and their training was a dream come true.
"Legends of the Seeker" fans know you are a warrior when it comes to fight sequences. How much fun has it been doing the choreography for "Agent Carter?"
I love any physicality that is demanded in a role. I haven't done a ton of unarmed fighting, and I wanted to brush up on that. I started working with a stunt and Tae Kwon Do martial arts expert in North Hollywood. I loved working on it. I felt like it helped me understand Dottie even more with her strength and power. It really comes from a place of confidence. I also watched a lot of Scarlet Johansson and her stunt double fight. I wanted to make sure that the fans would see a connection, even though a lot of time has passed between 1946 and present-day Avengers. I wanted there to be a connection between the two of us in terms of the dance background, the gymnastics, the fluidity and the flexibility.
What else can we expect from Dottie in the remaining episodes?
There's a lot of adventure. I feel these next four episodes are a whirlwind. The show gets better and better each episode. A lot happens. I love how quickly the truth about Dottie came out. While playing sweet, innocent Dottie is a lot of fun, playing this powerful soldier woman is even more fun.
I will say, the thing that Dottie took from Peggy's room is going to come into play.
Dottie, for me, has been one of the most surprising characters on this show. I was already a fan of Regan's from LEGEND OF THE SEEKER, so when she was announced I was excited, but worried she wouldn't get any action. And then we found out she was a part of the Black Widow program and that she IS a Black Widow? A lovely surprise. Regan has been killing it these past couple of weeks, and I can't wait to see what she does in the final two episodes. (Here's to hoping we get a second season!)

Source: Comic Book Resources.

On a somewhat random note: Am I the only person that wants Tabrett Bethell (also from LEGEND OF THE SEEKER) in the MCU in some capacity?

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