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Chris Hemsworth Talks AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON!

With the release of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON only two months away now, Marvel is starting to open up a bit more about the upcoming sequel. Not only have they started giving us character posters for the movie, which are apparently leading up to a "big announcement", but they've also given sites the go ahead to start posting their set visit interviews. First up is Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor.

Hemsworth talks about reading the script for the first time, what Thor brings to the table in this sequel, how Thor's time on Earth has changed him, the dynamic of the team, and the addition of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

Now, if you're trying to avoid spoilers for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, I would highly suggest you skip this interview as it does contain possible spoilers!

Also of note: There are a few typos and errors in the article below. The article remains as it was from Marvel. My apologies.
Chris Hemsworth, who has played the Mighty Avengers since Marvel’s “Thor” in 2011, wields the hammer for a fourth time in the film. According to the actor, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” continues to raise the stakes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe without going too big to lose sight of its grounded conflicts, all courtesy of writer/director Joss Whedon.

 “Coming off of ‘Thor: The Dark World’ and ‘Marvel’s The Avengers,’ I couldn't wait to read this,” recalls Hemsworth. “I just loved how it upped it in a way that wasn't just bigger and flashier. Everything had been amplified, but in an intelligent way. All the stories are relevant to what's going on in the world, as far as the exponential growth of technology and artificial intelligence, and then [you add] the questions of good versus bad and the AI world.
“He's [also] managed to bring all of the Avengers back in and give them a relevant reason to be there, [with a] justified conflict. I mean, it's a tricky balance. I'm glad I'm not the one writing the thing and having to pull that off.”

Thor’s relationship with his brother Loki, the villain of “Marvel’s The Avengers,” proved one of the driving forces of that film. Now, Thor continues to bring a different perspective to the central conflict.

“We pick up with Thor having stayed on Earth from ‘Thor: The Dark World,’ establishes Hemsworth. “He's part of the team. This is his home for the moment. The initial attack from Ultron is personal because it's at all the Avengers, and Thor then begins to see a bigger sort of picture here about what this threat could be potentially. And it begins to tie in to all of our films. It’s hard to say too much without talking about what I can’t talk about.

“It would be easy to fall into [a model of], ‘They're all just there because we're all contracted and [we] look cool if we’re standing in the same room.’ I kept saying to Joss, ‘Okay, what do I bring to the table, besides Thor being one of his foot soldiers and the muscle and the fight scenes? What is his knowledge he can bring to it? What information can I bring?’ So [Thor] calls upon some of his guardian knowledge and is able to go into another realm to pull out some information that's hugely useful [and] certainly benefits where they are at that point.”

Given that the Avengers face a larger threat than ever before, either as a team or individuals, that knowledge Thor can access may give them the ability to stop the menace of Ultron before it gets too large to handle.

“I think he openly admits he doesn’t think we can win this one,” admits Hemsworth. “The threat is so great that all of them are scratching their heads wondering if this it. It's just an onslaught, and it doesn't stop.  It's a floodgate, and it could also set in motion is an even bigger threat. I think that's what Thor’s stuck on, or where his attention certainly is. An even bigger picture of Thor being from Asgard where he can just say, ‘Hang on, there's a whole universe here which is signaling something else.’”

Thor’s time on Earth has also given him a new layer, one that Hemsworth happily embraced.
“He’s loosened up a bit,” Hemsworth says of his character. “This time there's more humor in Thor, because he's been on Earth, [and he’s] a little more accessible now. He's off Asgard now, so he doesn't have to be as regal and kingly as he is in that world, which is nice. I enjoy that more. Here you can have a gag with the guys and he can throw away lines and be in a party scene with them in civilian clothes.
“I walked on set [for] a party scene, and I was in a nice coat and jeans, and the guys just kept joking, ‘When did Thor go shopping? Did he buy this online or did Jane do it, or did he actually go shopping?’ The question’s raised because he's not dressed in his own guardian attire. He's more human in the film, definitely.”
In the time since the Avengers’ first adventure, the team has bonded considerably since their conflict-ridden early days—but that doesn’t mean some of our heroes won’t still butt heads.

 “We're not as conflicted [as a team] as we were before,” promises Hemsworth. “[But Thor] has a pretty solid battle with Iron Man in this one, which is cool. It's a lengthy fight scene of destruction.”
Another source of friction comes from some of the new characters introduced in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Adding the super powered twins helped to keep them from falling into too much of a familiar rhythm, in Hemsworth’s eyes.
“It shakes things up,” he elaborates. “In the individual films, you get comfortable. You get into a rhythm or a routine, and you think you know it until there's a challenge and you think, ‘Oh, yeah, that's right, there is another option here.’ We keep changing it and mixing it up. This new cast breaks the familiar rhythm that we may have and makes it a bit more unpredictable. We're lucky, to actually want to come back and work with these guys and hang out again and pick up where we left off is a pretty special thing.”

In one sequence, the Scarlet Witch unlocks a number of the Avengers’ worst fears, plunging them into a nightmare world—something that will help open Thor’s eyes to the larger threat.
“I think [the Avengers] will begin to have their fears held up in front of them,” promises Hemsworth. “For Thor, I think it's a corruption of power. Trying to have the understanding that we're in this endless battle here and wondering when this is going to end, and how does it end. That's where he really starts to kind of move through the story. Once that dream occurs, he can see what's coming. It’s a ticking clock.”
You can also read more from Collider and MTV on their visits to the AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON set. I should warn you though, all of the articles will be nearly identical in content for these set visit interviews, but the MTV one at least comes with GIFs.

Source: Marvel.

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