Tuesday, February 3, 2015

James D'Arcy Talks AGENT CARTER!

The Hollywood Reporter had a chance to speak to James D'Arcy about tonight's episode of AGENT CARTER, which will not only feature the Howling Commandos, but also the Black Widow Program! He had a few interesting things to say about his character, Edwin Jarvis, and how his actions in last week's episode are going to cause some tension between him and Peggy.

If you'll recall, in last week's episode, Howard Stark talked Peggy into stealing a piece of evidence from her job at the SSR. Stark had convinced Peggy that it was a deadly weapon, but all of that was a lie. The deadly weapon was nothing more than a locked up vial of Steve Rogers' blood. The last vial of his blood, actually. What was worse was that Jarvis knew that Stark had lied to Peggy initially, and Peggy is now aware of this.

Here's what D'Arcy had to say regarding the vial: "He was definitely aware of Stark's plan. What he had not accounted for was he would suddenly discover loyalties in another direction," D'Arcy tells The Hollywood Reporter. "They meet up and have a blazing row."

He also talks about Peggy getting her own operation and how Marvel weaves together their universe. It's a short interview, but it is worth a read.

AGENT CARTER is on tonight at 9PM EST! Make sure to watch as we'll not only be seeing the Howling Commandos, but we'll also be getting our first glimpse of the Black Widow Program!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

Edited to add: Another interview with James D'Arcy was just posted by Collider. To avoid clogging the main page with nothing buy D'Arcy interviews (as much as I enjoy this work), I've decided to include it with this post.

In an interview with Collider, James D'Arcy talks about how he became interested in doing AGENT CARTER, how much he knew ahead of time, what he liked mos about exploring his character, and he teases the final episode a bit.

When asked when he initially heard about AGENT CARTER and when he became interested in joining the show, he had this to say: "I actually knew about this show since probably a year before it came to fruition.  I’d seen Hayley and said, “What are you up to?,” and she said, “There’s the possibility we’re going to do a TV show based on my character from Captain America.”  I immediately thought, “That’s a great idea.  That’s a really great idea.”  After it came out, it was the combination of a wonderful character and it’s Marvel, who knows exactly what they’re doing.  You just want to get out of their way and let them do what they do.  They know their audience, and they know how to appeal to a massively wider audience than you would expect for comic book based material.  Although now, we’re moving into a slightly new world with all of that.  But, I adore Hayley.  We’ve been friends for a long time.  The chance to work with her was one that was incredibly appealing.  I knew that we’d have a good time."

When asked how much he knew at the beginning of the season, D'Arcy said that they received hints here and there. He also teased that, "There’s something that happens, right at the end of the season, which someone told me by mistake.  I don’t think they meant to tell me, but they did.  And then, everyone pretended that I didn’t know, including me.  I also pretended that I didn’t know, until we all read it.  When we got the final episode, I did the best acting of the year by going, “Oh, I didn’t see that coming!”  But that aside, there was always a big surprise when the script came, and I loved that."

You can read the entire interview, which is very informative, by heading to the source below.

Source: Collider.

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