Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lyndsy Fonseca Talks AGENT CARTER!

One of my favorite characters on AGENT CARTER happens to be Angie. Sure, she's no Peggy, and as of right now, she isn't a Black Widow. But she's still a well-written character that helps to showcase the other side of Peggy's life when she isn't hunting down bad guys.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Fonseca talks about her character, the bond between Angie and Peggy, and how she wished her character had a comic book background.

When asked what made her want to play Angie on the show, Fonseca responded by saying: "I think coming off of "Nikita" and playing it very serious -- I could talk all day long about how much I loved playing Alexandra Rudinoff, like crazy. But what you want to do is play something different [next]. I was playing a very serious character, very heavy issues, very physical, and now I get to be this waitress that has this funky personality, and I don't have to carry all this heaviness. And I also really like supporting female leads, and Hayley [Atwell] is probably the best one that you could ask for."

If you watched Nikita, you'll know that Fonseca kicked some major butt on that show. Like most fans, when she was announced, I figured we'd see her take on a role like Dottie. But I'm actually kind of glad her character is different from the one she played on Nikita. Angie adds a nice balance to the show. She's a fun character, and I enjoy the relationship between her and Peggy. 

Talking about her character's relationship with Peggy, and the female fandom, and wanting to act as a role model, Fonseca had this to say: "Yeah, Hayley and I have discussed it. I think that it's really important that our characters never betray jealousy or cattiness. There's nothing but just support and interest and friendship, because a lot of times it's more complicated than that on shows. There's always like this backhanded thing or something's happening, and it's like sometimes in life you just like some girl and you want to be their friend, you know what I mean? You just want to be some girl's friend! It doesn't have to be that crazy, and that's pretty much what this is."

I would highly suggest heading over to the source to check out the rest of the interview as it is one of the best ones I've seen with Fonseca regarding AGENT CARTER. 

Don't forget that AGENT CARTER is on tonight! The Howling Commandos will be joining her, and we'll get our first look at the Black Widow Program! I'll be live tweeting the episode, so feel free to join in!

Source: Comic Book Resources.  

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