Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lance Reddick Would Love to Play T'Chaka in BLACK PANTHER!

Now this is a casting I could REALLY get behind.

While talking to the folks over at IGN, Lance Reddick discussed John Wick, Fringe, Lost, and his upcoming projects... all of which was interesting. The most interesting part, however, was when they asked him if there was a superhero role he'd like to play or have a chance at. His response was that he'd love to play T'Chaka in BLACK PANTHER.

Dear Marvel,
Get on this, please!
MCU Fans Everywhere

Seriously, this man is a great actor, and I'd love to see him in BLACK PANTHER, or any Marvel movie, honestly.

If you have time to listen to the whole interview, which runs around twenty-five minutes, I'd suggest doing so. It's a pretty good interview. But if you're just looking for the BLACK PANTHER portion of the interview, you can skip towards the end of the video. (The last few minutes, I believe.)

Source: IGN.

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