Friday, February 20, 2015

Rumor Time: SPIDER-MAN.

When the Marvel-Sony SPIDER-MAN deal was revealed late at night, the internet pretty much broke. It was something fans had hoped for - something that seemed impossible. We'd heard plenty of rumors regarding a possible deal for months up 'til that point, we'd seen the leaked e-mails after the Sony hack, but in the end, it seemed like it would never happen.

So, when it did, the next logical question was who would the next SPIDER-MAN be? Peter or Miles?

This is something we probably won't be getting an answer to anytime soon. *IF* SPIDER-MAN does show up in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, chances are we'll hear casting rumors pretty soon as that starts filming in April. That is a casting scoop that'll be pretty hard for Marvel to keep secret, as every industry expert is going to be going after that news piece, trying to get the exclusive. (The Wrap, Variety, and Latino-Review are sites you should be following as they will more than likely be all over any upcoming Spidey news.)

As of now, we've heard a few names being "considered" - even though no actors had been approached, but since the big announcement, we haven't heard too much... which is why this latest rumor is even more intriguing.

Jeff, from The Wrap, goes on Meet the Movie Press pretty much every Friday. He talks about the film news that came out during that week, but he also talks about recent superhero news reports. In this case, he talks about SPIDER-MAN (it starts around the 44 minute mark). Jeff states that he is 95% sure that SPIDER-MAN will not be white, and that he doesn't think it'll be Peter Parker. Justin from Variety goes on to then say we should start hearing something within the next month or two.

Again, NONE OF THIS IS SET IN STONE, but both of these reporters are very good at their jobs and are incredibly reliable, so I do trust their opinions on things like this.

What do you think? Would you like to see Miles hit the big screen?

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