Monday, February 9, 2015

New Hayley Atwell Interview for AGENT CARTER.

Hayley Atwell recently sat down to talk AGENT CARTER with the folks over at HitFix. In the interview, she talks about behind the scenes moments, Howard Stark inventing the selfie, sexism and plenty more.

Since the interview is rather lengthy, I've only posted select quotes from the interview below.

Do you ever get on Tumblr? I only bring it up because after the episode with the pen selfie, your photo where you’ve got lipstick all over Howard Stark’s face and you’re making a goofy face, the fandom on Tumblr decided that is the photo from the pen selfie… even though it’s clearly not.  But it has become unofficially the photo.
Atwell: Yes, I go on Tumblr for inspiration for when I do stage parts because they’ve got great stuff on there. Wait, are you basically saying that Howard Stark invented the selfie?

Atwell: Amazing. Excellent. I love it.

You’ve been playing Peggy for years now. When she was first in "Captain America," she really had to be a hard ass. Is it nice to be able to explore Peggy as a multifaceted person and not just the girl that will shoot at Steve Rogers because she caught him kissing Margaery Tyrell?
Atwell: Yes. It’s been a dream come true to have that because I never anticipated that film would do as well as it did because I didn’t really know much about the Marvel universe. So, you know, I approached it like I would any job. You show up on time. You know your lines and you have certain choices you make about the character and you get on with it. Then you go home and you go back to your normal life. So when I finally did the “Captain America” premiere, I remember being on the red carpet in L.A. and literally planning my trip home to do a play in London, having no idea with how successful Peggy would be.  
Then Louis D’Esposito, the president of Marvel, called me and said, “How would you feel about doing a series?” I jumped at the chance. One of the reasons being I felt the writers and producers really wanted to have a collaborative relationship with me. They wanted to work with me about how to do this series. To ask “What is it about Peggy that you think people want to see and what is it you want to kind of explore?”  We’ve seen her one of the guys and we’ve seen her being the love interest of Captain America. I wanted to see her vulnerability and her humor. The things that make her a bit more relatable and human. Let’s see her at home. Let’s see her with relationships with other women. Let’s see her be frustrated, be in mourning.

Do you think part of the reason Peggy has been so successful with fans, especially with fangirls, is because there are so few fully realized female characters on TV right now?
Atwell: I think it’s a timing thing. I mean we’ve had “Buffy” and we’ve had “Alias.” A lot of fantastic television shows that came out at the perfect time when there was a slot and an opening for that to happen. I think the same happened to Peggy. I think people have responded to that energy; we need that kind of personality out there.  And what’s been lovely is on Twitter I’ve had lots of parents saying how it’s so great their sons and daughters can see a female-led show with a woman as capable as a man, without her trying to make any kind of serious political statement. We’re acknowledging [Peggy’s gender] and making it the background with a great amount of attention. But at the same time we’re sending her on her own missions and letting her have personal struggles that are relevant to both men and women, about grief and loss and the cost of being a double spy and a super spy.

To read the rest of the interview, you'll have to head over to the source.

AGENT CARTER is all-new tomorrow on ABC. Make sure to tune in! I'll be live-tweeting over on Twitter if you want to join in.

Source: HitFix.

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