Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ridiculous Rumor: Angelina Jolie to Direct CAPTAIN MARVEL?

Today's ridiculous MCU rumor is courtesy of OK! Magazine!

According to OK! Magazine, Angelina Jolie has been offered $20 million dollars to direct CAPTAIN MARVEL for Marvel Studios.

Let's discuss why this is
ridiculous, shall we?
1. CAPTAIN MARVEL doesn't release until 2018, meaning there's no way we'd be hearing about a director in 2015... three years before the movie's release date. Chances are we'll find out who'll direct the movie in either late 2016 or early 2017. We'll more than likely hear who is writing the script before that, and if Marvel decides to introduce Carol earlier than her solo film like they're doing with Black Panther, we'll probably find out who they've cast before then, too.
2. This is OK! Magazine, this is not a reliable source. They are a gossip magazine.
3. The trades (Variety, The Wrap, The Hollywood Reporter, etc) nor the scoop sites (i.e. Latino-Review) have even mentioned this. If they haven't mentioned this? You know it isn't something worth believing.

I like Jolie, I do. I have yet to see the two films she has directed, so I can't comment on her directing style, but when you look at who Marvel has hired to direct their films so far? They haven't been big names. I don't see them changing this with CAPTAIN MARVEL. Will they pick a woman director? That is something that may happen - something that I'd love to see happen, honestly. Is it guaranteed? Nope! (Side note: I'd actually love to see Patty Jenkins, who was originally set to direct THOR: THE DARK WORLD before she dropped out due to creative differences, tackle CAPTAIN MARVEL.)

This "report" from OK! Magazine is nothing more than gossip. They are not a source worth trusting, especially when it comes to Marvel. Until Carol is cast and we see an official announcement from Marvel on who will be directing the movie, expect to see a ton of rumors. More than usual, probably.  
Source: Comic Book Movie via OK! Magazine. 

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