Wednesday, February 18, 2015

AGENT CARTER Boss Teases What's Next After Last Night's Episode.

I'll have a review up for last night's episode later today, until then, Entertainment Weekly has a new interview with one of the AGENT CARTER bosses to tease what we can expect night after last night's thrilling episode.

This is where you should stop reading if you're not caught up on the show just yet as there WILL be spoilers below!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why did you decide to kill off Chief Dooley?
It has been an idea almost from the beginning—almost from before we had cast the role. We knew we wanted something big to happen and something that had actual consequences that wasn’t just a red shirt getting killed. It was very early on when we were breaking the season arc.

Does Dooley’s death pave the way for a possible cameo from Bradley Whitford, who was the SSR boss in the One Shot?
It does not. That was never the intent.

How will Stark’s rage-inducing invention play a role in the finale?
It plays a huge role in the finale. The invention that Dr. Ivchenko is after plays a huge part in a very big set piece in episode 8.

What will we see of Leviathan in the finale?
The immediate problem with Leviathan is dealt with, but in the future the bigger picture is still out there.

What role is Howard Stark playing in the finale?
A very big role. He actually puts himself at risk in the finale. Despite the fact that he’s a confident guy and an arrogant guy, he has a lot of guilt about his involvement in all of this. He will actually put himself at risk, but you will still see him doing things that are self-serving. His resolution in the last episode is also tied in with Peggy’s resolution for her whole personal arc for the season.

Are you ending the season with some closure or is there a cliffhanger aspect in case the show is renewed for Season 2?
There are a couple of things that are very nicely resolved in both the case and Peggy’s personal life, but there are loose ends that are very obvious that could play in future seasons.
Just a reminder that next week's episode is the SEASON finale. We won't know about a second season until May since ABC doesn't do early renewals. (That'll also when we find out if AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. will get a third season.)

Source: Entertainment Weekly.

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