Tuesday, February 17, 2015

James D'Arcy Talks AGENT CARTER!

After tonight's episode of AGENT CARTER airs on ABC, we'll only have one episode left of the show. As excited as I am to see the return of AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. in March, I'm a bit bummed that we won't have Peggy and Jarvis on our television screens on a weekly basis anymore. (We won't know until May if ABC decides to renew it.) It's been great seeing Peggy's storyline being touched upon more, and getting to see her character develop a bit more, but perhaps the most exciting part has been seeing Edwin Jarvis brought to life. James D'Arcy, an actor whose work I was not familiar with before he was cast in AGENT CARTER, has proven to be a wonderful asset to the show, to this character, and to the MCU.

ComicBook.com was lucky enough to get an interview with the actor to discuss the show, his character, Easter eggs, and Robert Downey Jr.

Looking back on the show, how have you handled the overwhelming positive response to the show?
Well…to be honest with you, I’m not on any social media. So any response that I encounter is someone in the street who wants to talk about it. I’m so aware of reviews and such, but to me, considering the amount of fun we had on set, that’s what makes it worth it for me.
Filming the show was a labor of love. The writing was spectacular and being able to work with Hayley was phenomenal. You know, with Marvel you’re going to get great action and adventure while sometimes you forget that they pack their movies with wit, intelligence, & great character development. Those last three are some of the things Marvel does best hands down. To be honest, I keep forgetting that this is the way they operate. They’re the best at finding the fun.
As someone who works in that environment for a living, everyone was incredibly smart and on top of their game. They’re all generous with their gifts and not at all precious about it.

Once you got into the groove during filming, which of the relationships that Jarvis had built were your favorite?
Well I predominantly really only properly interacted with a few characters. I spent most of my time with Peggy, and a little time with Howard when he was there. I think the interrogation scene he had with Thompson went exactly as you would suspect with those two, which was a lot of fun.
As we race to the finale, it all comes together in a real organic way. Jarvis becomes much more involved with the folks at the SSR and and as a result, builds some surprising alliances with some unexpected turns along the way. But that's all I can really say towards that!

Staying on the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe for a second, if given the chance, who from the universe would you want to share a scene with?
I’m going to pick the real obvious answer here. Who wouldn’t want to see an older Jarvis with a younger Tony Stark? I mean, Tony would have to be REALLY young. It would be awesome to share the screen with Robert Downey Jr. but I don’t think even movie magic could make that happen.

Heading into the finale, do you have any final thoughts?
It has a VERY satisfying finish. Quite often, shows wrap up a season and they don’t address everything that was raised during it. This show will check off every box for every question you had during it. It’s exciting, fun and most of all, moving. Then, when it’s all over, there is a HUGE Easter egg for Marvel fans.

Don't forget to tune into AGENT CARTER tonight on ABC! I'll be live-tweeting over on Twitter!

Source: ComicBook.com.

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