Wednesday, February 18, 2015

First 3 Episode Titles + Directors Revealed for DAREDEVIL!

As April slowly approaches, we're starting to learn more and more about DAREDEVIL, the show it seemed as though we knew very little about not even a month ago. Now, thanks to some detective work courtesy of Comic Book Movie, we know the titles of the first three episodes, as well as the directors for the first three episodes!

This information was made available by the British Board of Film Classification. You can view the view by heading over here.

The first episode will be titled INTO THE RING, the second episode will be titled CUT MAN, and the third episode will be titled RABBIT IN A SNOW STORM. What is most interesting, however, are the directors they've managed to get involved with this show.

Phil Abraham, who directed both the first and second episodes, has worked on shows such as MAD MEN, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, THE KILLING, and more. While Adam Kane, who directed the third episode, has worked on shows such as HANNIBAL, HEROES, and PUSHING DAISES.

The trailer already showcased some great cinematography on this show, and judging by the directors they have helming the episodes? My excitement level continues to grow for this show!

Source: Comic Book Movie.

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