Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Poster for ANT-MAN!

The marketing for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY was quite possibly the best marketing I'd seen for a comic-book movie - actually, for any movie in general, honestly. It was fun, it grabbed your attention, and it made you want to see the movie. It looks like the same team that was behind marketing GUARDIANS is now working on ANT-MAN.

Every bit of marketing we've seen for this film so far has been brilliant. The "ant-sized" teaser, although mean, was hilarious and a genius move on Marve's end because it got people talking. They followed that up the next day with a "human-sized" teaser that offered us our first look at footage from the movie. And today, the same day that the trailer is set to air during AGENT CARTER, they've unveiled what is quite possibly their best poster they've ever released.

Make sure to tune into AGENT CARTER tonight to get your first look at the ANT-MAN trailer!

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