Wednesday, January 28, 2015

AGENT CARTER Showrunners Talk About Dottie and THAT Surprise Twist!

This entire post is going to be a spoiler if you haven't watched last night's episode of AGENT CARTER, so I'd suggest skipping it if you haven't!

When Dottie was first introduced on the show as a dancer, most fans were suspicious of her, with good reason. It was stated that she was a ballet dancer. (Which matches up to a certain Black Widow's back story.) She came from, seemingly, nowhere, and no one really knew much about her.

All of that changed in last night's episode.
Theories were proven correct, and Dottie kicked some major ass.

As if the scene where Dottie pretty much pulls the infamous Black Widow move wasn't enough confirmation of who she was, the promo for next week's episode pretty much confirmed what most fans thought, but now we have official confirmation from the showrunners.

Speaking to IGN, here is what they had to say regarding Dottie:
IGN: It is safe to say that Dottie is a Black Widow?
Michele Fazekas: That’s correct! She is a product of the Black Widow Program.
Tara Butters: But we, in the series, are not actually calling her a Black Widow.
Fazekas: Yeah, we actually never say Black Widow, but people who know about it… You’ll learn even more about it and her history in the next episode.

IGN: Let me get the second big question out of the way that comic book fans familiar with Black Widow’s history have wondered. Might Dottie also go by the name Yelena Belova?
Fazekas: No.
IGN: Okay. So just Dottie for now?
Butters: She’s Dottie for now. And the fact is, the great and exciting thing for us is we’re showing the precursor to the Black Widow Program, as you will see in the upcoming episode, 105.
I've gotta admit, I was NOT expecting AGENT CARTER to cover the Black Widow program, but now that they are? I'm beyond excited. I'm thrilled at the addition of another kickass female character, as well as the fact that they are diving even deeper into Marvel history and helping to setup a better foundation for the MCU. It's honestly fantastic.

You can read the rest of the interview at the source below (and you really, really should).

Source: IGN.

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