Monday, January 26, 2015

More AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Bits From Empire Magazine!

Even though the March edition of Empire Magazine, featuring a twenty-page Marvel spread, isn't set to be released until this Thursday, scans are already making their way online thanks to subscribers, it seems.

In order to condense everything (there's a lot already), I'm going to make one post.

First up, Joss Whedon has officially gone on record to state he more than likely won't be bake for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (Parts 1 & 2). This is something that has been rumored for some time now, so it shouldn't be too much of a shock. Since he signed on with Marvel, hasn't really been able to work on his own projects, and I've got to admit, as much as I love his work in the MCU, I miss what his own work. So while I'm a bit bummed by this statement, I am excited to see what he has planned next.

Here's the full quote:
"I couldn't imagine doing this again," he reveals, referring to the time and effort which has gone into the sequel. "It's enormously hard, and it be, by then, a good five years since I created anything that was completely my own. So it's very doubtful that I would take on the two-part Infinity War movie that would eat up the next four years of my life. I obviously still want to be a part of the Marvel Universe - I love these guys - but it ain't easy. This year has been more like running three shows than any year of my life. It is bonkers."
Source: ComicBookMovie (via Empire Magazine).

Robert Downey Jr.  has talked a bit about Iron Man joining CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. Explaining why he decided to join the movie, Downey said: 
"They said to me, 'If we have you, we can do this, or Cap 3 has to be something else. It's nice to feel needed. And at this point it's about helping each other, too. I look at it as a competition and I go, 'Wow, maybe if these two franchises teamed up and I can take even a lesser position, with people I like and directors I respect, maybe we can keep things bumping along." 
You can read the rest of the quotes by going to the source. There are a few of them, and they are defnitely worth your time!

Source: (via Empire Magazine). 

And finally, we have a bunch of new stills from the movie thanks to Empire Magazine. 

Source: ComicBookMovie (via Empire Magazine).

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