Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Photos From ANT-MAN!

Entertainment Weekly has released a few new photos from ANT-MAN offering us a better look at Paul Rudd both in and out of the costume.

They also revealed this little bit of information:
Michael Douglas has a question. “Who,” he asks, “do I have to f- - - to get out of this room?” It’s day 25 of the shoot for Marvel’s new superhero movie Ant-Man at Pinewood Atlanta Studios. Paul Rudd stars as former jailbird Scott Lang, who can shrink to microscopic size thanks to a special suit, as well as communicate with his namesake insects courtesy of his helmet. Douglas plays inventor Hank Pym, creator of the aforementioned outerwear, and ­Evangeline Lilly is Pym’s daughter, Hope Van Dyne. Today this trio are shooting a scene in Pym’s basement control room in which they hatch a plan to steal an even more advanced “Yellowjacket” suit from the villainous Darren Cross (The Strain’s Corey Stoll).
The rest of the article at the source is also worth reading as it does offer up some new information on the movie (very little, but still), as well as a few quotes here and there from the cast.

I know the "cool" thing seems to be to hate on this movie since Wright was let go, but honestly, I'm really looking forward to this one. The cast is excellent, Reed has been in consideration for other Marvel projects before, and I enjoyed the teaser trailer. This is a heist movie, something Marvel hasn't done yet, and according to Feige, it's supposed to be incredibly emotional.

I can't wait to see what they've done with these characters come July.

Source: Entertainment Weekly.

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