Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Marvel Bits: AGENT CARTER!

There have been a lot of interesting tidbits of news making their way online today. In order to try and consolidate everything, I'm going to cover what we've heard regarding AGENT CARTER (so far) today. *Keep in mind that today is ABC's day at the TCA's, so I'm expecting more news later on.

Let's start with last night's ratings: The ratings for last night's episode were not very good. They dropped a lot more than a lot of people expected, although it is worth noting there was a game on ABC during the airtime of AGENT CARTER for some people last night. I'm expecting the Live+3 numbers to give it a big bump. On a more positive note, ABC's entertainment president, Paul Lee, defended the show. His response when asked about last night's ratings was, “We feel very optimistic about it."

He then went on to talk about both AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. and AGENT CARTER: “SHIELD is actually a great and powerful show for us, [it’s 18-49 demo rating with seven days of DVR playback playback] pops up to a 3.0, it brings in a male audience for us and it’s creatively really strong now. We left a great cliffhanger at the end of Christmas and now it’s going to come back with some fantastic storylines. And to have Agent Carter in the [SHIELD hiatus] gap doing sort of double what we were doing there last year is great for us.” (Source.)

We know that this season is guaranteed. We're getting a total of eight episodes no matter what, but there's still a chance for a second season, and I really hope we get it.

Interviews: posted an interview with Enver Gjokaj (Agent Daniel Sousa on AGENT CARTER) yesterday where he goes into detail about his character, about the research he did, and what it's like being part of this show. You can read that interview by heading over here.

TCAs: The cast of AGENT CARTER is currently at the TCAs along with a few cast members from AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. We still have a bit before their panel(s), but we've been getting photos and videos thanks to the official AGENT CARTER twitter page (@AgentCarterTV) and ABC's publicity twitter page.

I will be updating the blog as more information becomes available!

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