Saturday, January 24, 2015

Toby Stephens Wants To Be In A Marvel Movie!

Toby Stephens, who currently stars in Black Sails, talked to Radio Times recently about wanting to be in a Marvel movie. Now, I'll admit, I've never seen Black Sails or really anything that Stephens has starred in, but he does have a rather interesting resume.

Here is what he had to say to Radio TImes:
Speaking to, the British actor (and son of Dame Maggie Smith), says, "Marvel is one franchise that I think is fun, because they have this great blend of humour and irony alongside the superhero element.
"They tend to be very satisfying films to watch. I admire them for that. I don’t care whether it’s playing in one of those as a superhero or baddie, it would just be such fun to do one." 
Would you like to see Toby Stephens in a Marvel movie? If so, which role would you like to see him in?

Source: Radio Times.

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