Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Is Alain Moussi Working on IRON FIST?

So, thanks to the good eye of @Marvel_CMU over on Twitter, it looks like things with IRON FIST are heading towards pre-production now that A.K.A. JESSICA JONES is set for filming next month. (This is assuming IRON FIST is still set to follow A.K.A JESSICA JONES).

Alain Moussi posted the following on his Facebook page:

Like most, I got excited at the possibility of a looming casting announcement for IRON FIST. (Which is a bit silly since they are still casting JESSICA JONES, I know.) But then Moussi followed up his original post with one stating that he wasn't in the running for the role.

My guess - and it is just that, a guess - is that he could be working on the stunts for the show since he is both a stunt actor and a train martial artist. With IRON FIST, that's going to be pretty important. It's also worth noting that Marvel Television seems to be casting the leads for The Defenders with actors that have a mix of film and television backgrounds. We also know that, per @elmayimbe, Marvel is looking at actors between the ages of 18-23. (Younger than the rest of the Defenders cast so far.)

There's also the chance that he really is just reading up on IRON FIST because he wants to. Most of the time that isn't the case with these kind of posts, haha, but still. It is a possibility.

We'll more than likely hear who the showrunner will be before we hear any bit of casting news. We didn't find out about the cast for JESSICA JONES until DAREDEVIL was nearing the end of production (that ran from July to December), and we found out the showrunner long before any of that. If we're going off the same time-frame for DAREDEVIL here, we won't hear much of anything regarding the casting until July of this year - unless they decide to introduce Danny earlier than his own show, which is always possible with Marvel.

Still, I'm excited to finally be able to speculate regarding IRON FIST.
He's the last member we need to cast out of the four leads, and I think we're all eager to see who'll portray Danny in the MCU. But chances are we still have a bit of a wait ahead of us.

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