Tuesday, January 6, 2015


With AGENT CARTER premiering tonight, there is lots of information coming out. In order to try and avoid posting twenty posts today regarding the show, I figured I'd do my best to condense the articles and posts I've come across (so far) today.

First things first, Marvel tweeted out the following image earlier today, which offers a brand new look at Agent Carter herself. (Tweet can be found here.)

The reviews are starting to make their way online, and the good news is that a majority of them are incredibly positive!

Comicbook.com had this to say: "There’s no need to wait for Captain Marvel, Agent Carter is the hero you’ve been waiting for."

And here's what The Wrap had to say: "“Marvel’s Agent Carter” is easily one of the most entertaining premieres of the season. It has connections to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe for hardcore fans, but it’s completely accessible to newbies as well. In an era of strong female lead performances, Hayley Atwell easily stands with the likes of Viola Davis (“How to Get Away With Murder”) and Claire Danes (“Homeland”) as a small-screen force to be reckoned with."

ABC also released a new behind the scenes video:

Entertainment Weekly has provided a handy article that gives you a better idea of the characters going into the show. You can check that out by going here.

Aaron Couch of The Hollywood Reporter posted a new interview with Hayley Atwell today. There isn't too much new information revealed in the interview, but it's still worth a read. In it, Atwell expresses interest in covering various decades of Peggy's life. You can check out the full interview by going here.

I'll be updating this post throughout the day as more bits get released!

Don't forget to watch AGENT CARTER's two hour premiere tonight on ABC where you'll also be able to see the first ANT-MAN trailer! It's a double whammy of awesomeness coming your way tonight!

I will be live tweeting both episodes over at @NicoleSometimes. Feel free to follow along!

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