Monday, January 12, 2015

The AGENT CARTER Showrunners and Cast Talk About What's Coming Up on the Show.

Entertainment Weekly and IGN posted new interviews from the showrunners and cast of AGENT CARTER earlier today, each featuring interesting bits of news worth checking out.

Entertainment Weekly asked the question "Who might be Peggy's future husband?". This has been a question that a lot of fans have been asking since CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. We knew her should would come after the movie, and we couldn't help but to question whether or not the show would touch on this. As of right now, this is a question that, while we have our assumptions, we still don't have an answer for.

Here's what the cast of AGENT CARTER had to say about Peggy's possible future husband:

Hayley Atwell, who plays Agent Peggy Carter: “We know from Winter Soldier that by the time that she’s in a nursing home, Peggy’s had a family, she’s been married, she’s had kids, and we don’t know if we’ve met that person yet,” Atwell adds. “But it could very well be one of the people that she works with.” She also goes on to say, “Sousa does some very bold things in the first few episodes, gentlemanly sticking up for her, which he gets rapped from the rest of the guys who think that he’s a pushover,” Atwell says. “The fact that he’s got a crutch as well means that there’s no end to the jokes that they can make at his expense. Because of that, it’s the character that makes the man, and despite his obstacles, both physical ones and emotional ones, he comes out as the strongest man and the one that I think she has a connection with.”

Enver Gjokaj, who plays Agent Daniel Sousa: “If I am [her future husband], then they haven’t told me about it for sure,” Gjokaj says. “I’ll put myself in the running. I’ll throw my hat in the ring if they’ll let me.”

Chad Michael Murray, who plays Agent Jack Thompson: “There are plenty of people that I’ve met who started butting heads and it was only because they actually had this unbelievable thing for each other that they were fighting and then eventually just fell head over heels in love, became best friends and it all ended happy,” Murray says. “But you can’t force that.”

As the article points out, Agent Sousa (played by Enver Gjokaj) is the most likely candidate, although, as Enver states, he hasn't been informed of anything just yet.

While this is something that we'll hopefully get an answer to either in this first season, or the hopeful second season, I'm not too worried about them revealing it just yet. I want the show to focus on Peggy and her career for now.

Over on IO9, Michele Fazekas, one of the showrunners, talks about what fans can expect next from the show.

Here are a few of the questions I thought were most interesting:
The banter between Jarvis and Carter is top notch. How did that find itself? Was that on the page and you saw it and couldn't believe it? Did it happen on camera?
It was a little of both, I think. We knew that we were going to team them up. Our initial worry was, is it believable that she would be asking this guy, this butler, for help? And making that feel realistic. But as soon as we saw them in a scene together in the pilot, you really don't know until you see it, we thought, "Oh my god, their chemistry together is so good." And it really does inform on your writing. You start to figure out how to put them in situations together. I got the nicest compliment from James D'Arcy last night on the set he said, "You guys write period British dialog better than some British writers." And that was a worry for me; I've never written extensively for English characters. For me, I like to look at how people talk. When we were doing SVU you want to write how New Yorkers talk. And that's what you do, you listen to people and hear how they put words together and how they turn phrases.

Will the absolutely torturous but brilliant Captain America Radio Theater be playing in the background of more episodes?
It will come back. 

So how exactly does this series connect up with the one-shot that was on the Iron Man 3 DVD?
The way we look at it, the end of the one shot is she gets called from Howard Stark saying, "Hey I want you to go run SHIELD." So in our mind that's sort of the last thing that would ever happen in the Agent Carter series. You will never see her going off to run SHIELD in this show. That will be the last thing that happens at the very end of the series.
 You can read the rest of the interview (and you really should) by following the source link below.

Also worth noting: Wednesday will be ABC's day at the Television Critics Association's Winter Preview. While they normally don't do early renewals, there's still a chance that they could change things up and (hopefully) announce a third season for AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as a second season for AGENT CARTER. My suggestion would be to follow the #TCA15 hashtag over on Twitter throughout the day on Wednesday. (If they don't announce renewals tomorrow, we'll probably be stuck waiting until May.)

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