Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mike Colter Talks LUKE CAGE!

During an interview with IGN for the upcoming release of HALO: NIGHTFALL on Blu-Ray and DVD, Mike Colter talked about LUKE CAGE for the first time.

He goes on to say that the show will be "geared towards an adult audience", which is something that should be expected. DAREDEVIL has already received a TV-MA rating, and it has been expected that the rest of the shows would do the same.

LUKE CAGE is expected to hit Netflix in 2016 along with IRON FIST.

Random note time: I know some fans are still begging for Terry Crews to be Luke Cage, but Mike Colter is a good actor, and he's going to nail this role. (If you doubt him, watch him on THE GOOD WIFE - he's excellent.)

Source: IGN.

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